Boyfriend Kills Girlfriend For Money Rituals Makes ‘Pepper Soup’ With The Body Parts

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A 42-year-old self-acclaimed white garment prophet, Philip Segun, and one Owolabi Adeeko, 24, have been sentenced to death by hanging for killing a 400-level Sociology student of Lagos State University (LASU), Favour Duley-Oladele.

Duley-Oladele was killed for ritual purposes, according to the prosecution.

The two had been dragged before an Osun State High Court sitting in Ikire alongside the 46-year-old mother of Owolabi, Bola Adeeko on November 15th 2021 on two counts of conspiracy and murder.

Their alleged offences contradict Section 324 and 319(1) of the Criminal Code Cap. 34 Laws of Osun State, 2002.

They all pleaded not guilty to the alleged offences pressed against them as hearing in the case commenced.

During the trial, the prosecution team of the State Ministry of Justice led by Barrister Adekemi Bello explained that the alleged killing of the LASU student by her boyfriend, Owolabi and others, occurred on 8th December 2019, calling 9 witnesses including police investigating officer and tendering several exhibits before the Court.

Bello explained that “Owolabi Adeeko and Favour Duley Oladele (Deceased) were both students of Lagos State University (LASU) where they met and had been friends for about months. Owolabi lured Favour Duley Oladele, his girlfriend, on phone on the 8th day of December, 2019 to come and meet his uncle at Ikoyi-Ile.

“Before that day, the Owolabi Adeeko and his mother and Bola Adeeko, had been at the Cherubim and Cherabum church, Solution Chapel, Ikoyi-Ile, belonging to Prophet Philip Segun to seek quick wealth (money Ritual).

“Miss Favour Daley (deseased) a girlfriend to Owolabi Adeeko left her residence in Mowe Ogun State, on invitation from Owolabi and arrived in Ikoyi-Ile, Osun State.

“On her arrival, Owolabi took Favour to Prophet Philip Segun’s church where she was killed and dismembered and her heart was cooked for the Bola Adeeko to eat to get wealth while some other parts of the body was used to make ‘victory soap’ for the Bola Adeeko as well.”

Delivering her judgment, Justice Christiana Obadina said that prosecuting counsel proved her case beyond a reasonable doubt and found Prophet Philip Segun and Owolabi Adeeko guilty of murder and conspiracy.

Counsel to the convict, Adeshina Olaniyan, pleaded to the court to temper justice with mercy.

But Justice Obadina sentenced Prophet Philip Segun and Owolabi Adeeko to death by hanging for murder and 14 years imprisonment for conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Bola Adeeko, mother of Owolabi Adeeko, was sentenced to two years imprisonment for eating human flesh in comtraven to Nigerian laws.

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