BORDER CLOSURE : Producers Of Alomo Bitters Lose Millions

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The Ghanaian Alomo Bitters Manufactured by Kasapreko Company limited through its Head of International Business Development Mr Francis Adzah told new men that the federal government ofN border closure action have halted its businesses as Nigeria is the Company’s largest market.

He went further to say that more
than a total of $2m dollars has been lost since the border closure. Remember how
the President Buhari’s administration had closed the borders in August, 2019
against neighbouring African countries with the claim of checkmating
the illegal activities which have to do with smuggling of weapons, drugs
and the huge lost of revenue from import and export tariffs through the
activities of smuggling of food items into the country through the various borders most especially, Seme and Idiroko borders.

Company Limited, is the manufacturer of Alomo Bitters, a beverage widely consumed by Nigerians.
The company is also Ghana’s largest local
beverage manufacturer.

The beverage company according to report was able to transport three trucks before the border closure. But now,
the company has exhausted its products in the Nigerian market according to Ghanaian news website report monitored by News Mirror online.

Explaining the
situation further, Mr Adzah said:

“ We managed to send in three trucks of
products to the Nigerian market moments before the border was closed ”

Mr Adzah Complained further that “In September, the company lost $1
million to the closure. October is almost ended and our checks show a loss of another one million dollars. The situation is getting out of hand
and very serious,” he said.

Mr Adzah said the company has been
forced to try doing business with other African countries such as Cote D’voire, Senegal, Togo, Benin and other European markets to offset the
loss incurred from the Nigerian market due to the border closure.

The Ghanaian products, along with Benin and Niger goods enjoy a very large sales in the Nigeria market as a result of the population and better
economic situations compare to that of her neighbouring countries.

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