Boko Haram Claiming Responsibility Is A Propaganda, They Have Lost Their Stronghold”- John Enenche

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Military spokesman, Major General John Enenche told reporters that Boko Haram has lost it’s stronghold and claiming responsibility for kidnapping hundreds of students from a school in Kastina state is a propaganda.

The video that was posted by Channels TV showed Major General John Enenche speaking to reporters about the recent abduction of students in Kastina State and how Boko Haram have lost it’s stronghold. He also spoke about the bandits in Kastina state and he made it clear that before March this year, bandits became gods because of how they operated for several years but the situation isn’t the same again.

He also continued and said that the people now know that Boko Haram have lost their stronghold and they don’t have any authority again.

“They now know that Boko Haram don’t have any authority again in the real sense of it, they don’t have any stronghold again, no strength in action and no strength in sovereignty,” the major general added.

He also made it clear that Boko Haram is only trying to show relevance and encourage their discreet followers, sponsors by claiming responsibility for abducting schoolboys in their last video. He added that it’s propaganda because the military have studied every trend of criminality and it’s the habit of the enemy to use propaganda to boost their ego and whatever they are doing but they are not taking anything for granted.

Major General John Enenche also send a direct message to Nigerians and said that they are not distracted but committed to finding ways to capture the enemies and clear out the bandits.

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