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*Anybody praising me is just expressing his opinion. It won’t blow my head because if you praise anything in me, it is Jesus.

*We have never doctored any testimony in this place. Even after my time on earth is over, we will never doctor a testimony to make it sweet.

Somebody came in here 1996, she met the Matthew 6:33 fire burning, she hooked on to it. The fire changed gear in 2015, she connected: all round rest!

In the midst of lock down, 300% increase from the previous job, a job the person never applied for (documented testimony).
Please note as I said last week, “every revival is ordained a platform for the full restoration of our redemptive dignity through spiritual labour.”

Valley of very dry bones behold the bones were very dry and then the spirit of God moved; there arose from that same valley an exceedingly great army. At the instance of a revival, the very dry, worthless bones were turned into an exceedingly great army. That is revival for you, it is ordained a spiritual platform for the full restoration of our redemptive dignity.

You won’t see shame again!
You won’t know shame again!
God that decorates the faithful, will decorate you.

God that gives all round rest to the restless, will give you rest.

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