Allegations against me are spurious, unfounded and can not stand!!! Nelson Ojingwa

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My attention has been brought to a malicious Online publication by an online Blackmail channel addressed as Igbo Infotainment.

I want to categorically state that the publication as well all its contents are false and malicious.
I Nelson Ojingwa had at no time granted any interview with any media concerning Chief Iheanyi Frank Chinasa -Dogo Bende, the LABOUR PARTY or any other subject within the Ugly imaginations of the writers and sponsors.

While I have commenced investigation into tracing the source and genesis of the libelous publication, it will be instructive to remind us that only recently, similar publications, following the same patterns as witnessed in this recent one where a Blackmail attempt is being made using my name against Dogo, was also orchestrated against Senator Orji Uzor Kalu using other people’s names as well.

Suffice to say that by their FINGERS and pattern we shall know them.

I wish to once again categorically deny the said publication as the handiwork of An Avowed Agent of the DEVIL – the FATHER of LIES and I urge Nde Bende and the General Public to disregard it as False and see it as an eloquent testimony of the character of desperately Sinking politicians who are clinging on every debris and stick to drag along in their Obvious Drowning Journey.

Since Nde Bende has overwhelmingly declared their support for Chief Iheanyi Frank Chinasa -Dogo Bende for House of Representatives, 2023, Corrupt Cowards and shameless Politicians have spared nothing in their macabre dance of shame and disgrace.

I CHALLENGE anyone who claimed to have interviewed me to come openly and say that he or she interviewed me and produce transcripts of our said encounter, Or anyone to come up and boldly claim authorship of the libelous publication.

Until then, I leave it in the hands of God who will certainly Judge the culprits.

Hence I welcome the authors to their eternal condemnation in the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus CHRIST Amen.

Lord Nelson Ojingwa
15th October 2022.

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