AKON CITY: I want to make Africans Stay In Africa —Akon

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Music star from New Jersey but born in Senegal, Akon has launched officially the construction of a modern city in Dakar, Senegal.

The ‘Ghetto’ hit maker said he has involved the black Americans in the US in the construction of the city. The construction will begin next year at a cost of ksh600 billion ($6 billion).

The architecture who draw the design of the project Akon city, Hussein Bakri has said it is projected the city to hold 300,000 people.

The reason Akon is building the city in Senegal is because many Africans are living in the United States and they don’t want to go back to there birth home country. Akon is building the city so that it can be at a high standard so that people can be proud of their country.

He is hoping Senegal will be a tourist attraction to those who wish to visit Africa.

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