*AGONY OF A 17 YEARS OLD GIRL:* *My father started sleeping with me when I was 10 years* Posted by News Mirror, August 28, 2021

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A 17-year-old girl has narrated how her 45 year old father, Nelson Akinsowon has been having carnal knowledge of her at the age of ten whenever he’s drunk.

The suspect, a secondary school teacher who has been arrested by detectives at Fagun Divisional Police station in Ondo town has however denied the allegation.

Nelson told newsmen during interview that “ It was her mother that cooked up the story against me just to tarnish my image in the society because she is no longer staying with me as my wife. I never slept with my daughter.”

However, it was gathered from a family source that the the victim, a secondary school student ran away from the house when she could no longer stand the molestation from her father.

A complaint of child abuse was reported at the Fagun police station by a family member who the victim confided in and police detectives swung into action by inviting her to know why she was running away from home.

The victim reportedly narrated her ordeal in the hands of her father.

She informed the police detectives how her father has been sleeping with her anytime he was drunk.

Speaking with newsmen, the victim said “My father is a Secondary School teacher.
“He has been sleeping with me since 2014 when I was 10 years old till July, last month.

“My mother is no longer staying with us because of her health issues and my father married another wife.

“My father’s wife preaches to me about keeping myself from men until I am married, not knowing that my father has been sleeping with me.

“I could no longer bear it and there was nobody I could tell because he threatened to kill me if I exposed his action.

“This made me to run away from the house till I was invited by the police to come to the station.”

Contacted, the state police image maker, Olufunmi Odunlami confirmed the incident.
Odunlami said that investigation into the allegation against the father of the victim was still ongoing

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