Abia State Donor Agencies Trust Fund Bill 2019 Passes Second Reading

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A Bill for a Law to Establish Donor Agencies Trust Fund in Abia State and for other Matters Connected therewith yesterday passed through Second Reading at the Floor of the Abia State House of Assembly.

The Bill Short Titled “HAB 5: The Abia State Donor Agencies Trust Fund Bill 2019 Sponsor Hon Barr. Jerry Uzosike et al passed its Second Reading and was committed to the Abia State House of Assembly Commitee of the whole after debate and contributions by Members of the House of Assembly.

In leading the Debate, the sponsor of the Bill and Lawmaker representing Umuahia South State Constituency, Hon.Barr.Jerry Uzosike, recalled that before the administration of Chief Theodore Orji as Governor , Abia State was not enjoying the Donor Agencies Fund.

“This Bill, Mr Speaker is trying to say Let’s have this Fund ready so that it won’t be that we are running helter-skelter looking for money for Counterpart Funds.

“Because of our time, Mr Speaker, this is a beautiful Bill. It is a Win-Win Bill, the Governor does not need to entertain any reservations about it”.

Below are other Contributions by the House Members.

The Speaker thanked the Lawmaker for the presentation of the Bill.

The Deputy Speaker in his contribution to the Bill Appreciated the author of the Bill.

“I want to also align myself with him that this Bill is a beautiful Bill, so Mr Speaker I rise to support it” he said.

The Majority Leader of the House Hon Solomon Akpulonu said the benefits of the Bill are enormous.

“Mr Speaker, I want to first of all commend the Governor, he has been paying all Counterpart Funds, I don’t think we are owing. Mr Speaker, I rise to support the Bill” he said.

Lawmaker representing Ugwunagbo State Constituency, Hon Munachim Alozie, called on the House to fast track the passage of the Bill.

Member representing Isuikwuato State Constituency, Hon Emeka Okoroafor, said he anchored the Bill on Goal 17 of the MDGS that talk about partnership.

“Like the Leader of the House has indicated, we are wondering how sustainable is the 10% of the State fund that will go into that Account.

“So I support The Bill”, he said.

The Lawmaker representing Umunneochi State Constituency, Hon Okey Igwe lent his full support to the Bill.

Member representing the people of Isialangwa North State Constituency, Hon Ginger Onwsuibe, said in his support that the Bill seeks to reserve fund for eventualities.

“The major aim the Bill seeks to achieve is for a reservoir if passed into Law”.

“I also want to urge our Colleagues to lend their Support to the Bill”, he said.

The Lawmaker representing Arochukwu State Constituency, Hon Mike Ukoha, in his support to the Bill thanked the Governor for providing counterpart funding to the project.

“Mr Speaker, if you look at all over the State, you can see that flood is all over the State and we have Donor Agencies who are willing to come in to assist.

“The advantage is that no matter who is at the head of affairs, the funds are there and it will continue “.

The Speaker in his comments said the House will work on the Bill and send it to the Governor for assent.

“Having listened to Honourable Colleagues, I do not think there is any other thing to do than commit this Bill to the Committee of the Whole”, he said.

“This Bill is hereby committed to the Committed of the Whole”, he said.

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