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Agburuke Nsulu will produce the next governor of Abia State. Of course, you need to pay a visit to Nsulu Ancient Kingdom to behold the ecstatic and euphoric show on the air. The message is quite clear on the general acceptability of Prof Uche (PUI), the former Vice Chancellor of Abia State University, ABSU

Ikonne who has been groomed for leadership role has not disappointed the people that tutored and trained him because he has distinguished himself with unassailable achievements.

Are we surprised at what is happening today? We can’t be surprised because the man that goes with mantra of ‘our story must change’ has stopped at nothing in writing his name with a golden pain.

Whereas depleted opposition parties are busy waiting for campaign funds, Ikonne now easily identified with the sobriquet PUI is already making the proper arrangements to better the condition of Abia.

No wonder the opposition parties are jittery and having sleepless nights because it is clearer to them each passing day that they cannot beat the rich and intimidating profile of Prof Ikonne. His reach, contact, connection., ideas, vision and capacity are big and high for the opposition to surmount.

The Ikonne philosophy, matrix and myth in Abia is moving fast like a flash of light from southern axis to the northern pole of Abia. No wonder he picked his vibrant and able running mate from Umunnneochi in Abia North.

Across the state, Abians and all the residents are unanimous in their choice of Ikonne to be their next governor on the grounds of merit, equity, fairness and justice. Besides, Ikonne is a home based professional and inward looking politician who understands the problems of both the city dwellers and rural inhabitants. Therefore, he will not disappoint when he gets into office in 2023.

Yes Prof Uche Ikonne (PUI) has the edge because the masses are his strength and God is his pillar!

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