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A British Lieutenant General Sir Fredrick Stanley Maude Was Tasked To Conquer Baghdad In 1917.

Nkemdi Mordi
Nkemdi Mordi

Upon Arrival To Iraq He Came Across A Shepherd And His Herd In A Field, He Asked His Translator To Offer A Shilling To The Shepherd And Ask Him To Slaughter His Dog.

A Dog Is Very Important Companion To A Shepherd. It Warns Him Of All Impeding Dangers and Guards The Heard From Wolves And Thieves, But At That Time, With A Shilling One Could Buy Half A Herd…..

The Shepherd Agreed To The Deal, Grabbed His Dog And Slaughtered It At The Feet Of The General.

General Maude Said To The Shepherd;”I’ll Give You An Additional Shilling To Skin The Dog!

The Shepherd Took The Shilling And Skinned The Dog.Then The General Offered The Third Shilling To Cut The Dog Into Quarters.

The Shepherd Took The Shilling And Chopped The Dog. Now The Shepherd Told The General That For A Fourth Shilling,He Would Eat The Dog,To Which The General Answered:”I Wanted To Learn About Your Values In This Country, And I Discovered That You Slaughtered, Skinned And Chopped Your Most Trusted Friend And Companions For Three Shilling!

You Were Even Ready To Eat It For An Additional One….That’s All I Needed To Learn About Your Country!”.

Then He Addressed His Soldiers And Said,”As Long As This Kind Of Mentality Prevails In This Country And You Can Buy Anyone, Don’t Fear Anything And No One!’ Since That Time And Till Our Day’s, In That Part Of The World, Officials Have Sold Their Countries, Their People, Their Friends, Their Honor And Their Principles For A House In Europe And Bank Account In Switzerland, Are You Any Different From That Shepherd?

Are Our Shepherd’s In Nigeria Different From Shepherd’s In Baghdad, Iraq And Other Parts Of The Corrupt And Selfish World, Let’s Change The Face Of Our Dear Country NIGERIA, from our Leaders To The Citizens, NIGERIA IS FOR ALL, Not for Specific Individuals

Who ,Who Is With Me On This?

Are you in this category👆

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