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His legislative activities and projects.

Activities of the Deputy Speaker/Member Representing Ohafia South State Constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly, Rt Hon. Ifeanyi Uchendu have awoken the political consciousness of Nde Ohafia and others.

His emergence as the People’s Representative in 2015 has indeed yielded bountiful harvest, leaving the people of Ohafia urging and pushing him to go higher.

In a viral report, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Uchendu took charge and quickly changed the narratives letting the people know that a law maker can actually execute projects to better the lots of his people without over reliance on the Executive arm.

In his primary role as a Legislator, the Deputy Speaker has contributed immensely and lent his voice on important discus at the floor of the house that has affected his people positively. He was instrumental in curbing the Hausa/Fulani menace in Ohafia during the 6th Assembly. He was a signatory to the Anti Open Grazing Bill passed into law recently by members of the 6th Assembly of ABHA which is in a bid to regulate the activities of these herdsmen particularly as it concerns their anti economic dealings which reflects in their incessant clashes with farmers due to destruction of crops and other properties within the state.

– He also supported the formulation of Legislative framework that will promote the e-collection of revenue and taxes sequel to the presentation of Legislative Roadmap 2015- 2019.

– Sponsored the motion on the need to Establish a Federal Secretariat in Abia State.

– Sponsored the Motion to eradicate and control quack medical practitioners in Abia state.

– Sponsored the Motion on the need to sensitize the constituents on the recent outbreak of lassa fever.

– Sponsored the Motion on the need to control the unlawful advertisements and sale of unapproved herbal mixtures in Abia state” so as to safeguard the health of Abians.

– Sponsored the Motion on the need to adopt an integrated approach in the control and containment of acute gully erosion in Ohafia south state constituency and it’s environs.

– Sponsored the Motion on the need to adopt proactive measures in response to the 2018 annual flood outlook.

– His motion on the need to establish a Fire Service Station in Abia North Senatorial Zone (precisely Ohafia being the headquarters) gave birth to the *Abia State Fire Service Bill* which was subsequently passed by the 6th House. The Bill provides for the setting up of a Fire Service Station in Abia North and other Senatorial Districts of the State.

– Again, his motion on the need to unbundle the Abia State Water Board to Allow for the Private Sector participation for improved service delivery gave birth to the *Abia State Water Cooperation Bill* which has been passed by the 7th Assembly.

– *Abia State Consumer Protection Bill* is currently in the advanced stage of Legislative action. The Bill by the Deputy Speaker amongst other things seeks to create an avenue for consumers satisfaction and protection.

The Deputy Speaker has also raised the following Matters of Urgent Public Importance –

(a) the need to fix the Okon Aku bridge to reactivate the economic activities between the community and other neighboring communities.

(b) the need to mandate ASEPA rid Umuahia and the highway of refuse dumps.

(c) the poor state of the Ohafia General Hospital and the need for urgent Government intervention.

(d) Surge in the population of internally displaced persons from Cross River in Okon and Amangwu Communities in Ohafia and the need for Government action.

(e) Loss of life and properties occassioned by active erosion encroachment in Ohafia and the urgent need for Government intervention.

(f) the need to restore peace in the Ohafia Legislative Council.

His diligence and attention to details has seen him hold briefs for Mr. Speaker at the floor of the house and the entire house at various important occasions.

He led a delegation of the Abia State House of Assembly to Calabar for an interactive session with the Cross Rivers House of Assembly to find a lasting solution to some lingering boundary disputes between the two sister states and other assignments.

Aside his numerous contributions at the floor of the house, the Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Uchendu has gone out of his way to bring several dividends of democracy to the people of Ohafia.

His projects which is scattered all over Ohafia South Constituency has endeared him to many.

In his stay at the state assembly, the vibrant law maker has been able to achieve the following:

★ Building and Equipping of Ibina/Ihenta Health Care Center.

★ Building and Equipping of Amangwu Ohafia Skill Acquisition Center.

★ Completion and Equipping of Akanu Ohafia Skill Acquisition Center.

★ Construction of Abia North Fire Service Station (Ongoing).

★ Building of the Ohafia Unity Hall located at Elu Ohafia.

★ Renovation of the OBIMBA HALL in Amaekpu Ohafia to the best possible standard.

★ Construction of Nurses/Mid Wives Staff Quarters at Abia Community in Ohafia (Ongoing)

★ Construction of a Befitting Palace for Amuke Ohafia Community (Ongoing).

* Carried out a parliative work on the Oboro-Ndi Aku-Ndi Uduma Awoke road in Ohafia.

★ Donation of 20 Streetlights + #500, 000 cash donation to Ndi Orieke Community.

★ Assisted in re-roofing Ndi Ibe Hall.

★ Borehole Project at Ebem Ohafia.
★ Borehole Project at Amaekpu Ohafia.
★ Borehole Project at Elu Ohafia.
★ Reticulation of the water scheme at Amankwu and Amuma Communities of Ohafia.

★ Renovation/Roofing of the Amaekpu Ohafia daily market, popularly known as Ogwuma Amaekpu.

★ Attracted the construction of Okon Aku bridge which was sponsored by the Abia state government under the leadership of Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu (Ph.D).

★ Through his effort, 3 communities (Ebem, Eziafor and Okon Aku) were given one transformer each. This is another dividend of democracy we tapped from Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu.

★ Renovation of the Ogbor Awagu, a mini hall at Okon Aku Ohafia.

★ Erosion control project @ Amoba Section of Amaekpu Ohafia.

★ Assisted the people of Ndi Aku community in fixing the roof of their hall.

★ Donation of #200,000 to Eziafor community to assist them in their building (hall) project.

★ Grading of some internal roads in Akanu/Abia and Eziafor communities.

★ Donation of 50 bags of Cement and 80 lengths of rods and a further #100, 000 to Isiugwu Youths to assist them in the ongoing bridge construction @ Obai Isiugwu Ohafia.

★ Donation of hundreds of thousands to Age grades and Women Association in various communities of Ohafia to enable them undertake their projects which are all geared towards the development of Ohafia.

★ Free WAEC/JAMB Registration for over 150 Ohafia Students.

★ Attracted 4 Modern Classroom blocks at;

– Amaekpu Community Primary School
– Amaetiti Primary School, Asaga Ohafia.
– Isiugwu Comprehensive Secondary School, Isiugwu Ohafia.
– Okpocha Primary School, Amaekpu Ohafia.

★ Construction of Nurses/Mid Wives Staff Quarters @ Abia Community in Ohafia (Ongoing).
★ Construction of a befitting Palace/Mini Hall @ Amuke community in Ohafia (Ongoing).
★ About 50 Youths in Ohafia are currently receiving monthly allowances from the Deputy Speaker as Personal Assistance. This gesture was introduced by the benevolent law maker as a way of assisting the youths from his own monthly salary.

He has also facilitated the employment of some Ohafians into the Abia State Civil Service Commission as well as facilitated the appointments of many Ohafians as Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants to the Governor.

★ The Covid-19 critical period was another opportunity for the Deputy Speaker to display his humane attributes as he donated thousands of tubers of Yam, Hundreds of Bags of Rice, Beans, Hundreds of Cartons of Indomie, Spaghetti, Food condiments and millions of cash to the people of Ohafia to cursion the effects of the mandatory sit at home order occassioned by Covid-19.

★ Award of Scholarships to some Ohafia Students and assisted in the payment of Acceptance fees of others.

★ Shared over 5,000 pieces of Exercise Books to pupils of some secondary schools in Ohafia during Children’s Day Celebrations.

★ Free Medical Outreach for all the wards (Isiama, Ebem Oha, Ohafor, Ania and Okamu) in Ohafia South constituency where lot’s of people numbering over 3000 with various health challenges were treated free of charge. During the medical outreach, surgical operations were carried out and those who couldn’t foot the bills of their surgical operations prior to the scheme were operated free of charge too.

★ Through his pet Project, the NWACHINEMERE FOUNDATION, he paid hospital bills of some members of his constituency and sponsored surgical operations for some of them both in FMC, Umuahia and other hospitals in Ohafia.

★ Youth Empowerment/Skill Acquisition Programme where over 300 Ohafia Youths were trained in various skills.

★ He has also empowered many youths in Ohafia South constituency with Cars, Deep freezers, Electric Generating Sets, as well as giving out several hundreds of thousands of money to our youths to start up their choice of businesses.

★ He sponsored 10 Ohafia Youths during the South-East Entrepreneurship training Organized by the Central Bank.

★ He initiated and has been the sole sponsor of the Ohafia Unity Cup Competition which is geared towards engaging the Youths and identifying talents.

★ Through his pet project, The Nwachinemere Foundation, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Uchendu has touched the lives of many of his constituents positively via reaching out to the less privileged, motherless babies homes, the physically challenged persons, victims of fire outbreaks and herdsmen attack.

★ He is also notable for sharing bags of rice to women of the various communities in Ohafia during Christmas.

The Right Honourable Deputy Speaker has been a lover of God, he has been supportive to Various Churches financially and recently handed over a completed and well furnished Church Building to the Catholic Church in Ohafia in fulfilment to his promise to God during the Electioneering period.

Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Uchendu (Mr. Project) has raised the bar as far as Ohafia South and Abia State is concerned.

The action full packed law maker has indicated interest to represent the people of Arochukwu and Ohafia at the Federal House come 2023.

It now behooves on the people of Ohafia and Arochukwu to rally round this man that has made the welfare of his people his top most priority.

He has the Experience and the heart to do Good.

The people of Ohafia South have tested and believed, now is the time for the entire people of Ohafia and Arochukwu to have a taste of what Efficient and Effective Representation is all about.



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