MURDER OF UKOHA UKOHA, Family Petitions IGP, Reveals Perpetrators

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The Inspector General of Police (IGP),
Louis Edet House,
Force Headquarters,
Garki, Shehu Shagari Way,

Sir, I am writing with tears and grief over the criminal and gruesome murder of my late cousin Ukoha Ukoha alias Ihechinyere – Dangreen and the intimidation and biased investigation of the Abia State Police command in the investigation of my earlier petition which I wrote 12th of April, 2021 to the office of the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 9, Umuahia which was referred to the Abia State Police command on the 15th of April, 2021 and subsequently referred to the Abia State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for investigation.

The above mentioned persons acting as the executives of Asaga Ohafia youth Association, Home branch, conspired and murdered my late cousin Ukoha Ukoha alais Ihechinyere-Dangreen on the 24th day July, 2020 and dumped his corpse in the forest on an allegation that my late cousin was involved in robbery some five (5) years ago in Umuahia, Abia state, which is not even within our community or Local government Area. In as much as I am not in support of my late cousin or anybody getting involved in robbery or any crime, I am against the unlawful way and manner the above mentioned persons conspired and murdered my late cousin and after which they threw the corpse of my cousin in the forest after murdering him.

It all happened that the above mentioned persons acting on the instruction and order of the Ezieogo Asaga, Ezieogo Emmanuel Kalu Kalu Onugu, accosted my late cousin while he was walking along Prof. Kalu Ezera Road, in Asaga and started beating him with all manner of dangerous weapons and inflicting serious injuries to him towit: he became unconscious, at which stage, they above mentioned persons decided amongst themselves to take him to Abiriba Police station. When they got to Abiriba police station, the police on duty that fateful night seeing how seriously he was beaten and unconscious, refused to accept my late cousin into their custody, but directed the asaga youth executives that brought him to the station to take him to hospital for treatment, after which to return him back to them when he might have recovered.
On their way back from Abiriba Police station to Ohafia, my late cousin died on their way back. When they noticed that my late cousin has died, they decided and agreed amongst themselves to undress my late cousin and dump his corpse into the forest and agreed amongst themselves that they will tell the mother of my late cousin and anybody that asked them of his way about that he had ran away from them.
When they returned back to our community (Asaga Ohafia) Ibe Okpo Kalu and Anya Okorie Onugu went to the house of my late cousin and informed the mother that her son ran away from them on their way back from the police station, which was what they had initially agreed amongst themselves to tell anybody that asked about his way about, that he ran away from them.

The mother of Ukoha Ukoha and other family members have always believed that their son, brother actually ran away from the youth executives as they lied to them, until early this year April, 2021 when one of the Okada persons that was hired by Anya Okorie and Ibe Okpo Kalu who were the youth leader and assistant youth leader respectively at that time came to the family members and told them that the spirit of the dead boy have always been coming to him to disturb him telling him to go and tell his family members what actually happened to him on that fateful day, hence his coming to tell them.

When this information was brought to my notice, by the immediate family members of the murdered boy, I asked them to bring the okada boy so that I can personally hear it from his mouth, which they finally brought him to me on the evening of Saturday the 10th of April, 2021, after listening to his story and recording same with my phone recorder, I called our community Ezieogo, Ezieogo Emmanuel Kalu Kalu Onugu to give me an appointment so that I will take the Okada boy to him for the Okada boy to narrate the same story to him, which the Ezieogo obliged me and said that I should see him on Sunday, 11th April, 2021 by 8AM. On the appointed time on Sunday, the 11th April, 2021, I went to the Ezieogo’s palace in company of the Okada boy with the mother of the murdered boy and some of his senior brothers. When we reach the Ezieogo’s palace, the boy narrated back all the stories of the event of that fateful day to the Ezieogo, after which he asked us to come back the second time on Wednesday, the 14th of April, 2021 so as to enable the Okada boy to narrate back the stories to his other cabinet members. On the appointed time and date, being Wednesday (Afor market day) the 14th of April, 2021, we all went and met with the Ezieogo and his cabinet members at their council sitting place at Ndi Umoden compound, Asaga, where the okada boy also narrated the whole story to them. After listening to the okada boy’s story the second time, Ezieogo Emmanuel Kalu Kalu Onugu said that our family members are free to pursue the case of our murdered brother/cousin as we deem fit, but that all what he is interested and concerned with is his traditionally dealing with those that protested against the murder of my cousin to with they collected and were drumming the Akpan drum around the village while they were protesting.
By then, I have already written a petition to the AIG Zone 9, Umuahia on the 12th of April, 2021 which was referred to the Abia state police command for investigation. Copy of which is attached as annexture 1.
When the youth executives who murdered my late cousin and the Ezieogo Asaga, Ezieogo Emmanuel Kalu Kalu Onugu, who uses the suspects as his militant group to commit all manners of atrocities in the community against those he feels are oppose his dictatorial rule of the community and who is also a PDP card carrying member, they contacted their sponsors in government house, Umuahia, Abia state, who are also their party men. They decided to write a counter petition against me in other to intimidate me and stop me from further pursuing the matter (petition) where they alleged me for malicious damage of Ibe Okpo Kalu and Anya Okorie’s properties and threatening them and also harboring of thugs which is all lies and a means to stop the investigation of the murder of my late cousin. The Ezieogo Asaga using the Ohafia youth leader Obasis Kalu Obasi made other attempts to come to my house and office and destroy my properties and subsequently chase me out of Ohafia, an attempt which got leaked to me by one of the vigilante persons in Ohafia. As a result of which I wrote a save my soul letter to the Ohafia council of chiefs on the 22nd of April, 2021, a copy of which is attached as annexure 2.
I was arrested, humiliated and detained by the officer handling their counter petition when I went to the state CID to know the level of my own petition which I was told was directed to the State CID office.
I insisted that Anya Okorie Onugu and Ibe Okpo who are the suspects in my petition should equally be arrested and made to make their statement, the officer handling their petition tactically allowed them to go not minding the gravity of my own petition against them.
When we reported on Monday the 26th of April, 2021 as we were all asked to when I was released on bail after forcing me to pay for my bail which I did, we were taken to see and interview the Commissioner of Police Abia state, who after listening to facts of our two petitions, ordered for my petition (case of conspiracy and Murder) to be investigated being that it was the first to be written and which also have a more heavier offence (Conspiracy and Murder). The two suspects Anya Okorie and Ibe Okpo were taken to the State CID to make their statements, after they made their statements; they were instantly released on the order of the CP citing pressure from the government house in Umuahia to be the reason of their instant release.
After Anya Okorie and Ibe Okpo were released and after returning to our community, they went to the Okada boy that revealed the information and started threatening that they will kill him for having the guts to reveal what they did after they had agreed not to reveal it to anybody. As it stands now, they are going about the community boasting that they own the state and that they will deal with me and anybody that tries to intervene on the matter saying that they own the state, which I now seems to believe going by the way and manner a murder suspects will be instantly released within two hours of obtaining their statement while many of their co-conspirators have not even been invited or arrested by the police to make their statements.
With the instant release, of these murderers, it is possible they will tamper with the evidence of the investigation by either going to hide the skeleton of my late cousin since they are now aware that the matter has been reported by the Okada boy who knows where they formerly dump the corpse.
My life and that of the Okada boy is now in great danger as these murderers are going about the community and boasting of what they will do to us that they own the state being in the ruling party in the state, that they have the backing of the governor of the state, the deputy governor and that of the Deputy Speaker of the Abia state house of assembly solidly behind them. That they can do anything and get away with it in the state and nobody will do them anything, hence my writing to your office to use your good office to take over this case and properly investigate the matter without the undue interference of the state government in the investigation as have been witnessed with the investigation coupled with the fact that we have lost all level of confidence that we will get justice from the outcome of the investigation the Abia state Criminal Investigation will conduct.
I have sent this as an advance copy electronically while I will be sending the hard copy through courier to the office of the Inspector General of Police. Please help and give the much needed attention it deserves.
Thank you.
Sincerely yours.

Hon. Chief Kalu Mba Nwoke
Telephone: 08134908222, 07050267373.

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