Beware of fake news peddlers, Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria..

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It has been brought to our notice that some enemies of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria are spreading opinions contrary to the views of its Spiritual Director. Fr Mbaka as a person who is a lover of the youth and an advocate for a better Nigeria : he has been, is and will ever support a better Nigeria for the Nigerian Youths. But he told the youths that the Nigerian problem is not just SARS (as many youths themselves agree) but endemic injustice which everyone should stand up against.

We also use this medium to let the public know that the Adoration ground is a prayer ground completely dedicated to God and as such is primarily for spiritual activities and houses no government establishments. It is therefore a fake news to contemplate the sacrilegious act that it is being planned to be attacked or was under attack or will be attacked. Disregard such flying information.

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