2023: Hon. Ginger Onwusibe replies Hon.Chijioke Chukwu, calls him a beginner. Posted by News Mirror, July 7, 2021

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The member representing Isiala Ngwa North state constituency, Hon. Ginger Onwusibe, popularly called ONWA, has taken a swipe at a fellow House of Assembly member, Hon. Chijioke Chukwu based on his interview were he castigated Hon. Onwusibe and nearly labelled him as ambivalent character.

In his reaction, Hon. Onwusibe described Hon. Chukwu as a beginner in the game of politics and concluded that, he would not join issues with a political rookie but raised seven posers this to back up his quest for the next Abia State Governor to come from Umunneato Ngwa extraction.

Here are they :-

1. My position on the Umunneato Ngwa people to produce the next Governor of the state is based on equity and fairness and it remains my position

2. In my interview I was very clear, I said “IF PDP gives their Governorship ticket to Abia North who will do the voting?”
I did not refer to Old Bende people as a whole as we have three other Local Governments of Old Bende Division
My reason for that is very simple, since 2015 PDP has not won election in Abia North so no party that wants to win election takes their ticket to an area where they have a weak support base

3. I never canvased that one of use should be Governor Take it but not conceding that I canvased for one of us to be Governor, how does it make me a double standard person? Don’t we have members of the House of Assembly from Umunneato Ngwa who can be Governor?

4. Chijioke cannot be criticizing the Governor for non performance, he needs to remove the log in his eyes so he can see clearly to remove the one in another persons eyes, he is also elected as the Governor ,let him show our people his achievements so far in the two years we have spent , I have always made mine public

5. Chijioke swore that Orji Kalu brother must win Aba Federal Constituency election, I told him NEVER both of us relocated to Aba and we floored them, 🤣he has not been happy with me since then

6. Any one who has come close to me can testify that at least I have character, I am a sworn enemy of deceit and double standard, my colleagues can testify that am very principled
Anyway Chijioke is trying to impress his pay masters who just elevated him to Minority leader
I have also forgiven him as he has apologized to me and said he has directed the interview be pulled down

7. I still maintain that Umunneato Ngwa should be supported to produce the next Governor of Abia State

Finally let me remind us that since 1999 no part of this state has been conceded Governorship position to, it has always been by struggle
Our people will definitely struggle for the Governorship position come 2023

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