MIRACULOUS: ” Jasmine Crowe Lady with less than 20%  chance of conceiving about to deliver

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A popular American Social Entrepreneur and TED Speaker, Mrs Jasmine Crowe has taken to her social media page to joyfully announce that she’s expecting a baby after medical experts had almost ruled out her chances of ever conceiving.She was told that she has a less than 20% chance of ever conceiving

According to her, after removing 13 fibroid tumors, a ruptured cyst that caused her to lose one ovary and one fallopian tube, her chances of ever conceiving was less than 20% chance.

However, God had his own plans.

Read Her Testimony on Twitter ;

I’ve got an announcement to make…

I’m having a baby Pregnant woman!

After a myomectomy – removing 13 fibroid tumors, a ruptured cyst that caused me to lose one ovary and one fallopian tube and a less than 20% chance of ever conceiving. God has blessed us and my baby is on the way.

I’ve went back and forth about sharing this news for months. Honestly, I’ve been worried that no one will invest in me or that my current investors would be mad and that I would lose something I’ve worked so hard for. It’s sad that I’ve even had that worry but it’s my reality.

But I’ve decided life is too short to hide your joy in the fear of what others may think. While some may pass me by. The truth is I’m going to work so much harder, smarter and do much more because I have a child coming into this world and I’m going to give them the world

It’s indeed been a crazy year, but I’ve remained committed and worked to build an incredible company against all the odds. I’m proud of myself. So I guess in all the chaos and craziness we’ve experienced something good came out of 2020 after all – Joy.

God is Still In control of the affairs of men
When God says YES No man says No


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