NDDC!! FG Expedite Action

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In a Special Government Announcement, signed by Presidential Spokesman, Femi Adesina

It reads

The Federal Government is in receipt of the Senate Recommendation that the NDDC IMC be dissolved and
that the NDDC be returned to the Presidency for proper supervision.

The Government set up a technical Committee to study this recommendation and advise it which committee has turned in its Recommendation.

Federal Government hereby accepts the Recommendation of the Senate and accordingly:

1. The President has hereby dissolved the NDDC IMC. The affected officers are to hand over to the most senior civil servant under them.

2. Dabota Godswill Jumbo{Dr)is hereby appointed as sole Administrator for initial period of 6 months.

3. The NDDC is hereby returned to the Presidency for proper supervision.

4. The President assures Niger Deltans that the forensic Audit of the Commission will continue unhindered.

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