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Students can sit for WASCE if we have a government that thinks. Virtually every country is looking for ways around ensuring that life does not remain permanently at a standstill because of Coronavirus.

But here, it is admixture of scaremongering and paying more attention to what affects them, their ways of life and their politics.

What is the main protocol against COVID-19? SOCIAL DISTANCING

Since only final year students will be in school, it will make logistics of space easier to handle.

Consider these:

If pupils used to be 25-30 in class before, ensure they are not more than TEN or maximum TWELVE in one class during exam.

Strictly ensure no crowding together to discuss after sitting for your papers as you are required to leave school premises IMMEDIATELY.

If parents are dropping them for the exam, it is either they drop them and stay in their cars or leave come back later to pick them. No crowding.

* No parent of pupil will be allowed within the school premises without face and nose masks.

No hugging or close contacts.

In the same vein, the general papers are ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, ECONOMICS and the main LANGUAGES depending on location.

* For instance, not every student will sit for PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY or ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS.

In other words, you MUST not be seen within school preslmises if you have no papers.

No matter how highly placed you are, you won’t be allowed into school premises if you have no connection with organising exams.

* Finally, we will have to pay for more invigilators since we may need more classrooms because of social distancing.

These protocols can be enforced since only final year students would be in school.

My pain is that we are not looking at the social costs of these kids staying at home for too long. Now check these:

* Have we looked at the issue of incest? Yes, you read me right: incest. You have brothers and sisters, fully at puberty, staying alone at home when parents have gone to work.

You don’t even want to imagine!

* Now you introduced online classes. Good. But do you know what these kids do on the internet when parents are not there? Or when online classes are over. Things they didn’t have time for when schools were in session.

* Have we looked at kids becoming depressed? Especially those with creative minds who were already looking forward to furthering their education.

* How do we PSYCHOLOGICALLY retune these kids away from virtual learning to real time learning/examination again?

Final Take:
These kids do not have to lose one year because of COVID-19. Thank God, they fall into age grade of people who are not at high risk of dying from the infection.

Let Government think. Kids CAN sit for their WAEC exams.

Yes, they can…

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