I see a lot of political line ups going on for 2023 presidency

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In All fairness and for equity, justice and peace to rain in Nigeria, A SOUTH EASTERN MAN SHOULD BE NIGERIAN PRESIDENT because the region inspite of its huge contributions to the country has practically nothing to show for it both from the military and democratic government. Ok let’s examine 1999 till date,

Obasanjo (SW)/Atiku (NE) 1999-2007.

Yar’Adua (NW)/Jonathan (SS) 2007-2009, then
Jonathan (SS)/Sambo (NW) 2009-2015.

Buhari(NW)/Osibanjo(SW) 2015-2023.

So, you see that south east has never produced a vice President let alone president since 1999. So, if anybody come up with sentiments like…. Is only Atiku that can wrestle power with APC and maybe Peter Obi as vice, then it’s a total wickedness to the south east and cannot work.

So, I strongly suggest that all political parties, especially the dominant PDP and APC should/must field in candidates for president from south east and a vice from North be it central, east or west…Else, I recommend that it’s high time to go…. We may have over stayed our welcome in the country called Nigeria.

*_Dr Nkemdi C. Mordi Kenneth*

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