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My attention has been drawn to a trending video inviting worshippers to Sunday mass of 24th May 2020 at Adoration Ministry Enugu. I wish to inform you that , prompted by the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, I am yet to give any directive for the resumption of any public gathering for any of the ministry’s programmes. I still maintain my earlier stand that due to the peculiarity of the Ministry programmes, we still need some time to put the measures in place that will ensure social distancing and the safety protocols on public gatherings, as recommended by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and other government guidelines for prevention of spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, so as not to endanger the health of the worshipers.

The date for the resumption of Adoration programme will be communicated to you through the ministry’s official channels. Be assured of my consistent prayers for you.
May God continue to hide and miraculously sustain you in the tabernacle of His presence of Exo 40:34, Ps16.11 and Ps 91:1 beyond the reach of the Covid-19 pandemic in Jesus name. May the angels of Gen3.34, Ps34.7, Ps35.5, Rev12.7 , Dan6.22 and Is37.36 continue to guard us and fight for us super naturally against the spirit of death in Jesus name. AMEN. Adoration!!! The Holy Spirit is our Power!!!


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